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Spring Has Sprung! And So Have Presidential Candidate Representatives…

ImageSo today, as my boss began putting out our restaurants spring flower pots, I realized: IT’S SPRING! And Spring means flowers! I LOVE FLOWERS! But this year, as it does every four years, Spring has another meaning (slightly less important than flowers, but still pretty important I guess), the rise of armies of citizens attempting to convince every other citizen to vote for their candidate because they’re more special than all the others! For instance, today I was approached by a gentleman that swore on his life that Ron Paul is somehow different than every other lying politician that has passed through the polls through the years (never heard that one before). But I digress.

So anyways, this is the first election that I will be able to vote in, so I’ve been attempting to take my attention off the beauty and purity of flowers for long enough to wade through the mounds of political sewage to find out who smells slightly less than all the other pipe rats. It is taking…a lot more effort than I had originally expected. Several hours, four refills of my trenti iced black tea, and (what seems like) a hundred pee breaks later, I’ve hit a dead end. Why is it so difficult to find clear answers on where these candidates stand on “issues” such as abortion, jobs, war, etc? I mean…their website says one thing, but then apparently in 1974 (or some other insignificant year) they voted to the contrary of what they’re saying they believe now so all of a sudden they’re a liar and anyone with half a brain would cast their vote elsewhere. Are these people not human? It makes you wonder. Once I was a marijuana-smoking hippie-whore that could care less about anything except the next time I could get high and do something “super rad” and now I’m a Bible-thumpin’ Christian who’s married to a man I genuinely love, have a job, an apartment, and real responsibilities. Don’t people change? But anywho…

It seems to me like if any of these people cared about jobs and stuff, they’d be funneling their millions of campaign dollars into the economy or something. I honestly don’t know though. I’m not like a super-educated economist who keeps up with every single election debate; but I am a real person. A lower-class American Citizen who just wants someone to stand up for our Constitution (and the lives of the millions of living babies violently murdered every year by means of abortion). But it really is seeming to me right now like most candidates would sacrifice anything (including human life) to get into office.

And any lad honest enough to stand up for what they really believe is instantly silenced by any number of richer candidates and/or major corporations. But then again, everyone has their price…right?

When will the cycle end?

Your input is encouraged. Please tell me where I can find the straight up truth! …if such a place or website or show even exists.

Seventeen Going on Thirty

What is it like,” you may ask, “to be a married teenager?”

Well, here is your answer! It’s scary.
The world is a much “badder” place than you might think. I hated being in the situation I was in before, and yet I still sometimes miss it. Kinda in the same way a dog returns to it’s upchuck. Why? Because as difficult as it was to “not have a childhood,” I still did not have to worry about rent. Bills. Not having food. A job. A possible pregnancy. Gas. etc. I know that most of you youngsters think you have it all together and that you could survive out there on your own, but you should definitely consider thinking twice.

A lot of times, when people ask me how old I am, I have to think for a minute. It’s hard to remember “Oh yea, in society’s eyes, I really am that young!” when I feel so old already. And the truth is, I’m afraid to grow old. I wish I had time to be a kid. I wish I was 5 years old again (but possibly with a different household). I don’t want grey hairs or wrinkles; not because I care so much about my physical appearance,  but because of what those things would represent. I don’t know. It’s complicated. Basically, I already feel like I’m 30. And, in my head at least, I feel like I’ve had more “life experiences” than many 30-year olds.

And just as a side note, if you think drinking every night, partying on the weekends, and smoking your lungs off makes you an “adult,” you are wrong. Those things are not only a means to an end, but will probably stop being so important once you have a couple mouths to feed. (One should hope.)

But anyways, in addition to being scary, it’s amazing.
I really do love my husband. And I know most of you people are going to protest and say, “You’re only blahteen! You have no idea what love is!” I stand here today to tell you that is a lie from the devil. Unlike most relationships forged in these end times, we were not based on lust and adultery. In fact, it took us about a year and a half to even kiss. (and, mind you, we were only together for 2 years and 1 month before we tied that glorious knot.) And I strongly believe it’s because of that, that we made it.

It also gives a person experiences no one else usually has. For instance, when I’m thirty, I will have been married for 13 years. That’s nearly half my life. I also don’t have to worry about my heart getting broken ever again. No “drama.”etc. And not to mention, pretty much making my own schedule. (although it does require a lot of discipline and maturity.) But yea. I honestly do like it.

But if you are in a happy home, (even though you probably don’t see it as such because your “parents suck”) with food and love and clothing, DO NOT RUSH TO GET OUT OF THERE. You are more blessed than you could ever possibly imagine and you will sourly regret your choice to leave home and safety.

Long story short, I feel old.

Disclaimer: I did not capture the following pictures, however they are of me and my husband on our wedding day.

The Starbucks Zombie

The above is a self portrait I did of myself during my long-winded stay at our local Starbucks this evening. Today has been…a day. My husband and I are just the kind of people that are…unfortunate? Unlucky? Whatever you wanna call it, things don’t normally go our way.
So I got off work at 3pm today, and by a series of rather regular events for me, I didn’t get home until about 4:30. But that’s neither here nor there.

My husband then decided it would be cool to change up the scene from our “home office” where he does his web design work and I do my ever-increasing load of homework. So, off to Starbucks we went. Let me tell you. After about the first hour, those awesome hipster-like coffee shop chairs aren’t as comfy as they first promised to be. But alas, my eyes stayed glued to the screen while my brain was filled with the tale of Frankenstein and political parties and other random lesson content. Not to my surprise, my husband was perfectly comfortable the entire time; and thus, saw no reason to leave. Until they literally asked us to do so. So here I am, typing a quick post in the car ride home at 11:10pm while my husband rambles on in the drivers seat about how different his life would be if he had purchased a $3.59 bag of hot Cheetos that he had reluctantly put back.

I have so much to post about! But I also have a job, a home to take care of, and a mountain of schoolwork that seems never-ending (and will expand with new overdue lessons at midnight). It seems I’m on a treadmill of work. Every step I take, 3 more steps are placed in front of me (er something like that). I’m sure many of you wasting time on WordPress know exactly how I feel!

And out there somewhere are other Starbucks Zombies just like you and I. Just waiting for companionship and an escape to tranquility.

Unlikely Friends

Meet Kitten-Z, my cat, and Squirtle, my turtle.

I bought Squirtle a few months before accepting Kitten-Z into our home. The first thing that cat did upon entering our apartment was jump right into Squirtle’s tank, lay down on top of his little house (as seen in picture), and drink his gross turtle water. Ever since then, it was always a battle getting her out of the tank and getting her to stay out. But as time progressed, Squirtle seemed more and more comfortable with her presence. Kitten stopped drinking the water as much (which helped me be more accepting of her ongoing residence on Squirtle’s roof) and slowly, they became best of friends! He comes out of his shell more around this cat than he does around his very parents! (His parents being: my husband and me.)

Here’s the earliest record of their intrigue from when Kitten-Z was just a baby! :

Flowers and Towers

My day today consisted of flowers, public transit, large buildings, small creatures, and sales people. …and I won’t even mention the part where my skirt flew up Marilyn-stlye in front of a crowd of people causing my husband and me to go hide in a pizza shop until we suspected they were all gone.

Here are some snapshots I took along the journey! (Sorry, folks. I wasn’t able to get any of my skirt flying up, but these flowers and stuff outta make you equally as excited!)


Sooo, I’m married to an artist. Which means that any artistic ability I thought I had before betrothal is out the window. It didn’t take me long to realize that I would be better than him in some areas, but any (and I mean any) form of art was not going to be it. I shouldn’t be surprised considering he’s a graphic designer. But still! We all like to think we’re artistic or creative deep down…

However, my unartistic bitterness vanishes every time I see his works. His accomplishments make me happier than anything. Especially when directed at me (; Tomorrow; we go on a 2 hour transit ride to the art institute to get him enrolled for some formal training! Which I’m still skeptical about…He’s already really talented. And when your high school counselor told you that college is expensive, they sure weren’t lying! But anyways, you gotta invest in your future and yaddayadda.

                                                                                             But I digress.

The Scare!

At the moment, my husband and I are in the midst of a “scare.” For him, the outcome to be afraid of is quite obvious. And at first, it was for me too. But then, as my mind started wrapping itself around the idea of a child, the outcome to be afraid of seemed to begin to shift…

So here’s the deal: I’ve honestly been afraid to even post this because it would cause me to not only be truly honest with myself, but to look the thoughts I’ve been fighting straight in the eye. I’ve been on “the pill” for a while now without missing a beat. My alarm yells at me to get up and take my pill everyday at precisely 6:45 AM. And every morning, without fail, I get up and take it. However, a little over a month ago, I had to go to the hospital for pneumonia. After 9 grueling hours, I was prescribed both antibiotics and pain killers and sent on my way. I went to Rite-Aide pharmacy and got them filled and went home. About 3 weeks after finishing my round of drugs, I began noticing (with the help of an absent visit from my monthly companion) many symptoms of pregnancy. So I took a test. Negative. Now, what happened next is what really got me confused. I began to cry.    Yep! CRY! And not for joy, ladies and gentlemen!

Needless to say, I was a mess. I was still getting symptoms so I thought maybe I tested too early. I was both depressed at the negative test and at the fact that there was still a chance. Talk about confusion! Every little ache or unusual bodily occurrence (at times even a twitch) would send me into a Googleing frenzie to see how many people got that same thing and ended up with a mini-them. Then, to make matters worse, I went shopping with some friends for another friends baby shower. Let me tell you, the baby section at Wal-Mart is THE worst place to be when you’re in the situation I’m in. And then the very next day, I visited a friend who just so happens to have a baby (as seen in picture). Sigh. I started imagining that that little boy was mine. And when I saw him stand up for the first time, OHGOODNESS, I started tearing up so bad I had to leave the room.

After doing loads of research and getting discouraged continually by the odds of pregnancy while religiously taking the pill, I stumbled upon an article that mentioned in passing the dulling effects of antibiotics on birth control pills.Bingo.I read (a lot) on said effects and the majority of women in this predicament of the antibiotic/BC combo ended up being pregnant. SO I took another test. …and another one. The first was negative but turned positive an hour later (I know I know, you’re not supposed to look at it after 10 minutes, but many girls online said it could be legit!) and the second stayed negative.

I’m waiting it out this time. Waiting to see if next months “gift” ever comes knocking. Oh, and by the way, neither my doctor nor the Rite-Aide technician seemed to have found it necessary to warn me of the effects on birth control by antibiotics. ..AND I have the same exact sickness that I had originally gone to them for. So, as of right now, it’s possible that I could have gone to the ER simply to leave $2000 in debt, at risk for pregnancy, and still sick.

Thanks, Kaiser.